Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Brunch #1

Sunday brunches are my favourite, because it is an excuse for me to have more food due to not having breakfast. I woke up a 11am so no breakfast for me. At first my family decided to go eat at PS. cafe at Dempsey hill, but there was a 45 minute wait, so we decided to go to boomarang instead. Cause lets be real here, who wants to wait for 45 minutes, when you have had no food all day. I think its some sort of Australian style restaurant. The food was amazing, even though it took me awhile to decide what to eat.

I don't really call myself a foodie, but I love food so much so I guess I'm getting there. I had a pan fried meat loaf with fried egg, not exactly the healthiest option. I actually didn't know what a meat loaf was before this, turns out it was just minced meat in a shape of a loaf, which I thought was strange at first but it turned out to be quite amazing. And of course I got my instagram on by taking 12 photos of one dish. Thats how you know you're a little obsessed with an app.

Are sunday brunches common in your house hold?

- EK

Saturday, 25 October 2014

25 Facts About Me

As my first post, I would probably look back on this and just laugh and question why I wrote what I wrote. So before we get into the facts. My blog isn't gonna be formal, I'm not a very good writer, but hey I think starting a blog could help me in that department, so sit back and enjoy.

1. I'm from Thailand (land of smiles).

2. However I live in the country where gum is banned (Singapore).

3. I have a toe thumb, or you may know it as a Megan Fox thumb. Basically, my thumb looks like a toe.

4. I don't like pizza, sorry.

5. I only eat the meat in a burger, cause I just think that the bun is unnecessary.

6. I hate running.

7. In 3rd grade, the nail of my right thumb came off, because I was running away from my teacher (he was wearing a scary halloween costume) and I fell, and a bench fell on to my thumb. I'll just let you imagine the situation from here.

8. My favourite food is Japanese food.

9. It took me quite awhile to learn how to ski. All my friends went on the big people slopes on the 2nd day. when it took me 3 to 4 days.

10. skiing is now my favourite sport. You burn calories when you don't even realise it. How great is that.

11. I have 6 siblings, but it includes, half and step siblings.

12. I have a youtube channel. (

13. I'm currently taking the IB diploma, and already dying.

14. I love to read books, but I have phases. I either read so much or not at all.

15. I collect magnets from every country I've been to.

16. I watch too many Tv shows.

17. I'm allergic to cat fur (which sucks) but I'm not allergic to dog fur, yay!

18. My weakest subject is math.

19. I sometimes don't want to socialise with anyone, and just listen to music. I guess a lot of people get that at times.

20. My favourite holiday is christmas.

21. I hate the hot weather, but I love the cold. Even though I live in a country that is hot all year.

22. When I first meet people I try to be very confident, and talk a lot. I don't know if thats good or not. (oops)

23. I love room decor, however I'm very lazy about it with my own room.

24. I use instagram too much.

23. My favourite country that I have been to so far is England.

24. I am subscribed to too many youtube channels. But all of them are worth subscribing too!

25. I have a bad habit of touching my hair too much.

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What are some facts about yourself?