Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to Deal with College Rejection 101

Rejection can be hard no matter how little or big it is, and US university early outcomes are in season. It is also common to have a dream school and it can't be easy to see a rejection from that school because it may feel like they think you're not "good enough". I am writing this because I just went through this and it wasn't easy but it gets better, trust me. So here are some of my tips that have somewhat worked for me.

1. You don't have to be okay right away.

If it is a university you have been dreaming of going to your whole life, it's not going to be easy on you so it's ok to be sad, let yourself be sad, because it's going to help in the long run. Also I have read somewhere to treat this like a breakup, it will take time for you to "get over it".

2. Talk to someone

For me this helped a lot, it gave me another perspective that made me feel better about the situation. So whoever you trust and feel comfortable with, just talk to them and I'm sure they will help you feel better.

3. Hangout with friends or family

Having company can really help, go hang out with your friends can help you forget about it a bit.

4. Go Shopping

If you enjoy shopping then this is probably one of my top tips, because from my own experience I did this the day after I got the rejection and helped tremendously!

5. Go Exercise

I know you probably did not want to hear this but yes, exercise is going to help you feel better, it releases endorphins which are chemicals that make you feel happier, plus you get a workout out of it.

6. Know that it wasn't meant to be

Yes I know this is may be cliché but personally I believe everything happens for a reason.

7. You will end up in a place that you will love

Just like what I said before you will end up where you were meant to be.

So those are just some of my tips if you're going through this, and just know that if you're having a hard time dealing this, just know that everything eventually will get better.

- EK 

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