Saturday, 8 November 2014

5 Songs in October

You're probably thinking "but its november" well starting from today every month I will be posting 5 songs I've been loving for each month that passes. Before I start with the list, I'll have to explain to you my music taste. It varies a lot I could be loving a indie pop song one day and the next I'll be jamming out to kanye west. So don't be surprised if the list is looking kind off strange. Also, these are not in order.

1. Endlessly feat. Anna Yvette - Dabin

If I had to describe this song I would say the genre would be deep house + dubstep, which is personally one of my favorite genres. Theres this one part of the song where it drops, and it really ties everything together. If you like Flume then I think you would like this. 

2. Elevate - St. Lucia

This song just brightens my day every time I listen to it. If you're feeling sad then I assure you that this song will make things better. I would describe this as indie pop, and reminds me of the knocks. 

3. Style - Taylor Swift

I cannot begin to explain how amazing 1989 is! the whole album is absolute perfection. However, if I had to chose one song it would definitely be style, theres a fun vibe to it, where you can dance a long to it with your friends. Taylor's transition to the pop world definitely proved herself well in this album. And also a record breaking sale record of over a million albums sold in only a week! 

4. From Eden - Hozier

When I first heard of Hozier's songs I was a bit skeptical, and I didn't know if I liked it or not. But this song definitely stood out and its my song in the album. I wasn't sure what genre it was so I googled it and it came out as indie rock/soul, which I think is quite a good description of his songs. Its a song you listen to when you're reading a book, or if you're a blogger its the perfect song to listen while blogging. 

5. Years Of War - Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson's songs really grew on me, at first I wasn't very fond of it but after awhile I really started to like it. I would describe the genre of the song as electronic/house, which is one of my favorite genres to listen to. Theres always such a happy vibe in his songs and its just makes you more energetic. If you need a good song to listen to while running, search up Porter Robinson and his songs well definitely keep you motivated. 

What songs did you love in the month of October?

- EK


  1. Love this idea of posting your favourite songs of the month! I've not listened to any of these, but I think I may have to now. Have you listened to "Take Me To Church" by Hozier? It's such a good song, I've loved it since I first heard it!
    Also, I've got to say - I adore your theme/layout for this blog. Can I ask how you got it? The links in the sidebar etc look so classy and sophisticated! Did you code it yourself?
    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read the post! and it took me a while to figure out to do the sidebar, it just takes a lot time and googling haha :)