Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A New Chapter

It's been a while. I'm not very good at blogging but I mean who says I have to post all the time, but I should post more often. Well stating from the title my life is about to change quite a bit. I've graduated from High school, did the IB (and boy were those 2 years the roughest 2 years of my life), Turning 18 in a month and I'm going to be living and studying in the US in 3 months. Living in the US is going to be very different, I've lived in an asian country my whole life, even though I grew up in a western society I'm comfortable living in an asian environment. However things have to change and I'm excited, excited about the future (sorry if this is getting cheesy).

I will be attending Northeastern University and I'm going to be in the Business school. Even though I'm registered as a marketing major, I'm not entirely sure on what I want to do in the future or whether I want to still do marketing or not. I have been dreaming about living in Boston for a very long time and it is finally happening, and of course I was ecstatic when I first found out. I couldn't stop thinking about it at first, but now I feel like I've thought about it so much it is now a norm and I am no longer as "excited" as I was a few months ago. I mean don't get me wrong I am still very grateful and very excited to go to Northeastern, but right now after graduation and all the celebrations, my life has been quite dull. I feel like my emotions have been dulled (is that a word), all I do now is sleep, eat, watch tv shows, gym a little and maybe see the occasional friend. This is definitely a first world problem but I feel so unconnected being in Bangkok. Even though I've lived here for almost 15 years I feel different. My close family is back in Singapore where my room, belongings and my close friends are, who I really miss. 

After writing dozens of college essays I've noticed that they wanted to know where "home" is to me. home to me is not where my blood is or even where I'm "from" home is where I'm comfortable and happy. And I don't know whether I am those things back here in Bangkok. I'm here for 3 weeks which I mean is not torture but it's 3 weeks that I'm not sure what I'm going to do and what I'm going to spend my time doing.

I'm probably writing all of this for myself, but by any chance anyone is reading this, I hope you feel comfortable where you are. Have a great summer 
- Emma K.

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